Oldest photo of Mound Rd.

    When Joseph Wampler surveyed the territory now known as Warren and Center Line Michigan, he found a lot of swamp occupied by a few squatters and some Indians.  The land was placed on the market, but initial sales were slow.
    The first known landowner to actually settle here was Charles Groesbeck, in 1830.  He was soon followed by his brother Louis  and Charles Rivard.  Louis who settled at what became the northwest corner of 12 Mile and mound, hosted the organization of Hickory Township (later Aba, then Warren) in 1837, when Michigan became a State.
    Louis' grandson, Alex Groesbeck, born in 1872, on the same property, became the 30th Governor of Michigan, noted for "bringing Michigan out of the muck" by initiating the state's modern system of highways.  M-97, or Groesbeck Highway, is named for him.  A State historical Marker about Gov. Groesbeck is located at the Mound Road entrance to the GM Tech Center.
    Hickory Township became the Village of Warren, which still exists today.  Many efforts have been made to restore and maintain the Villiage area, and these efforts resulted in the designation of the Village area as a State Historic Site.  A marker at Chicago and Mound Roads explains this designation.
Warren Township remained a rural area for many years, filling slowly with the common people fleeing hard times in Europe.  They turned the swamps into farm land.  Little changed until after World War II, when Warren became the industrial center it is today.
    On October 27, 1957 Gov. G. Mennen Williams signed the charter designating Warren as a City.  Between 1960 and 1970 Warren's population doubled with new homes and shopping areas.  But much of Old Warren remains, and it is the goal of the Warren Historical and Genealogical Society to maintain the sense of history which we pass on to future generations.
    You are invited to become a member of the Warren Historical and Genealogical Society, to participate in our efforts to honor those who came before and to give pride to those who come after.

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